Larry Whitesell Clinic

Monday    |    12:00 PM - 12:00 AM , Duration: 00:05 Categories:

There is no limit to auditors, The clinic here at Rancho Del Rio Stable will be limited to 8 to 10 riders. You will learn the most by bringing your horse. Your skill level does not matter. However, the horse should be able to handle an arena situation. If you have a very green horse, you would be better to come to a 5 day clinic at the farm in Cookeville. You will be working with your horse about 6 hours per day. You will learn many exercises that can be done at home, to help your horse steer and gait better. After the clinic, your horse should turn on the forehand and haunches, move off your leg, and have better footwork. You will learn the beginnings of collection. Individual situations will be looked at. For more information about Larry Whitesell check out his website at Larry is also one of the Premier Clinicians showcased at this years Horse expo in Pomona January 31, Feb 1 & 2.

For more info, or if you would like to join us, contact Jayne at the Office 714-535-3510.